Titan 3D Quantum

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Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Overview

Titan 3D Quantum has designed a group of AI intelligent core massage manipulators that can walk up and down, stretch back and forth, and are silent in design. The 3D Quantum is designed with the function of the individual’s body curve in mind. Specialized massages function according to the detected body curve and scan specific calculations, making the massage more personalized and scientific.

Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Colors


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Intelligent Voice Control

The Quantum is equipped with an intelligent voice control system, simply say "Hi, Alice" or "Hey Alice" to enable the voice control function.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, 3D Massage

Titan 3D Quantum is a 3D massage chair that is equipped with 3 levels of intensity, 5 different areas of body adjustment, 3 roller widths, and 3 levels of speed at any time, whether you are in automatic or manual mode.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Shoulder Adjustment

The Titan 3D Quantum will perform a smart body scan to map key areas of the neck and back to ensure the optimal amount of pressure applied during the massage. Additionally, the scanning process will detect your shoulder height, which can be re-calibrated once the scan is complete.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, 3D SL-Track Massage

Titan’s SL-Track adopts curved guide rail technology, which completely conforms to the curvature of the human body and allows users to enjoy a massage from the head to the thigh.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Full Body Air Massage

The 3D Quantum offers a total of 24 airbags including shoulder, upper arm, palm, leg, and foot air compression. The air pressure has three degrees of adjustment across the entire body.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, 3 Step Zero Gravity

The Titan 3D Quantum is equipped with 3 Step Zero Gravity reclining, giving the user a weightless feeling during the massage. The Quantum incorporates a separate lifting adjustment function for the lower leg frame and the backrest frame; additionally, you can easily recline the chair with the automatic zero-gravity setting.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Space Saving Technology

The Quantum is engineered to save space at all times. The base of the chair slides forward while reclining, requiring only 3 inches of leeway prior to lying down.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, 15 Auto Massage Programs

Comfort Massage: The most comfortable massage experience, best utilized for quick relaxation.

Relaxing Massage: Gentle and comfortable deep massage, which can relieve body fatigue and relax the body after a long day.

Stretch Massage: The lower leg frame and the backrest frame contract and expand for stretching and traction of the legs and waist, effectively relieving tiredness & joint soreness while restoring vitality.

Extension: Inspired by Thai style massage, featured in extension and stretching, this program uses strong kneading and stretching techniques to relax tired muscles and keep them flexible.

Neck & Shoulder: Using the unique neck and shoulder program, through effective massage of cervical spine and scapula, neck and shoulder pain can be relieved and neck and shoulder fatigue can be improved.

Back & Waist Massage: This program focuses intently on the back and waist to relieve back and waist soreness.

Full Body Massage: A comprehensive and deep massage, which can rejuvenate body vitality as a whole.

Ancient Beauty care: A heated and thorough massage across the entire body, focusing primarily on kneading and tapping areas of the body often neglected.

Leg & Hip Care: This targeted program fully attends the needs of your lower body, from massage rollers on the arches of your feet, to heated air compression along your waist.

Release Sedentary Stress: A program aimed to improve overall physical health by exercising the body through massage. Routine use can help relieve the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Spine Care: Massages along the spine, working on the muscle surrounding the spine to promote improved circulation and flexibility.

President Cosy: The massage manipulator, combined with airbags, rollers, heating functions, and music connected via bluetooth provides a great massage for recovering from the everyday routine.

Relieve Soreness: Soothe fatigued muscles through its unique massage technology , relax the limbs and promote better circulation, refreshing the body.

Good-night Sleep: With kneading and shiatsu massage techniques, combined with low-intensity air pressure massage and back heat therapy function, this 12 point acupuncture massage helps to loosen the body before a good night's rest. At the same time, the massage chair automatically swings back and forth to form a zero-gravity cradle massage state.

Sport Recovery: By focusing on key areas, such as the arms, legs, glutes, and shoulders, this massage helps to revitalize individuals after strenuous workouts and exercise with an intense massage.

Meridian Treatment: Using this function can quickly improve the body's condition by promoting increase circulation.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, ​7 Manual Massage Styles

The Titan 3D Quantum includes 7 manual massage functions: including Kneading, Tapping, knead/tap, Shiatsu, Knocking, 3D I & II.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Heat Therapy

The Titan 3D Quantum has heating on the back and calves, this heat therapy which is a great compliment to both the roller and airbag massages. Heating the body's temperature is known to increase blood circulation and loosen tense muscles.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Foot Rollers

The Quantum includes a foot and sole roller massage function. The rollers scrape and massage toes and heels of feet, and roll to scrape and massage the arch of feet. The intensity is adjustable in three separate speeds.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Extendable Footrest

The footrest incorporates a spring retractable adjustment function. The length for the user to stretch out their feet up to 7" is dependent on his/her height, simply apply light force with legs to extend the footrest to the desired position.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Bluetooth Speaker

The Titan 3D Quantum is equipped with built-in 3D digital audio in the left and right upper arms. The Bluetooth function of mobile devices can be used for wireless connection to play music.


Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Dimensions

Titan 3D Quantum Full Body Massage Chair, Dimensions

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