SL Track

SL-Track Massage Chair

SL-track massage chairs have rollers that contour the natural curvature of your spine and extend further down your body than other rollers. Equipped with digital control, the chairs have advanced reclining and massage options. Whether you need neck pain relief or an intense hamstring treatment, the full back massage chair has your back!

Improve blood circulation, get rid of unwanted tension, and restore balance in your body. The plush seats are comfortable and ideal for any massage session. Use the Bluetooth surround sound speakers and play mellow music as you relax. Take advantage of heat therapy and target sore muscles or use the footrest for compression. The choice is up to you! Invest in an SL-track massage chair and enjoy these and other amazing features.

You have the power to create your ideal massage treatment with our chairs.

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12 of 30 Items