Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon

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Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon is newly upgraded 4D massage chair with L-track and heating roller mechanism. Osaki’s the most popular and innovated 4D massage chair is OS-Pro Maestro, however OS-4D Pro Paragon is revolutionized and upgraded version of 4D Massage Chair. Especially, Paragon is designed with high and luxurious technology systems, which are voice recording, less space enlargement and heating rollers on the footrest. Additionally, the Paragon is designed to feature to customize the heating temperatures by the user. By using the voice control and ease remote control, the user can approach and manage the massage chair easily without any difficulties.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, 4D Massage

Osaki OS- 4D Pro Paragon is designed as in high technological and enhanced 4D massage technique that massage wider, deeper and more rhythmically than the conventional massage rollers. The 4D massage mechanism allows another experience with account for the speed and rhythm of the massage.

The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro allows 4 different levels of adjustment for the 4D massage. With the variety of adjustment levels, the user can customize the massage to suit their personal preferences. With the Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon massage chair, the user can control of massaging experience with 4 4D adjustments and 5 levels of speed adjustments.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, ​Multi-Angled L-Track

Unlike other L-track massage chairs, the Paragon has a multi-angle L-track feature. It offers a diverse angle of L-track massage mechanism, which means that the L-track roller moves up and down angles at hamstring areas. When the massage chair reclines, other massage chair rollers do not move, and offers fixed rollers at the hamstring, however the Paragon's L-track moves upwards to provide a more realistic massage feature on the hamstring area.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, ​Heated Back Roller Massage

The Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon has the most advanced back heating system. The heated back roller allows for a far greater surface heating area.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, ​Body Scan Technology

The OS-4D Pro Paragon will perform a body scan to map the key areas of the neck and back to ensure the optimal amount of pressure applied during the massage. The scanning technology will detect the shoulders height, which can be re-calibrated once the scan is complete.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, ​Heating on Foot Roller

There are spinning reflexology rollers located at the bottom of the footrest providing a soothing kneading massage. When the rollers spin, it stimulates heating therapy around the foot areas and offers mild to strong pressures and warm condition for more relaxed and reduce tiredness.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, ​Calf Kneading

Underneath the feet there are spinning reflexology rollers to provide an outstanding foot massage. The rollers under the feet will travel along the sides and middle of your feet to provide a more hands on kneading experience. Along with the foot rollers the calf portion will inflate to the appropriate amount of pressure and then initiate a calf kneading massage. Allowing the calf portion to provide a calf kneading motion will increase the blood flow of the legs, helping them to reach a higher level of relaxation.

On the upper section of the leg rest, the air massagers will rotate in a circular motion to add a new dimension to the calf massage. For the foot portion addition components have been added to stretch and massage the bridge and heel of the foot. The experience is like no other.​


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, Automatic Leg Extension & Covered Footrest

The ottoman will scan the legs to ensure the optimal leg length for the user’s height. The foot component extends and retracts within 8.7” automatically. Simply apply pressure with the feet to indicated to the leg scanner that length is at the desired and comfortable position for better massage. Remote also allows for one to auto adjust the leg component to either extend or retract to the user’s customizable needs. Additionally, the footrest is covered over toes which makes the foot warmer during the massage. Foot warming stimulates an improvement of blood circulation.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, Zero Gravity

The Paragon offers zero-gravity feature which brings the knees above the chest and optimizes the blood flow to help the user to be more relaxed. When reclined into the zero-gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage. In this position when the knees are brought above the chest will optimize your blood flow, in order to relax the body more. The user can experience the most convenience and diverse preferences of zero-gravity system for you.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, ​Space Saving

Space saving feature is one of the crucial functions for massage chair user whom wants to maximize the space area in the home. The massage chair extends space area during the zero-gravity, however OS-4D Pro Paragon saves up to 3.15 inches of the space from the wall. No more concern about the size of area that the massage chair enlarges the space of home.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, Bluetooth Speaker

There are multiple speakers surrounding the headrest. The Bluetooth wireless music player can integrate music into the massage techniques with synchronized therapy, which allow the rollers to massage you to the beats of the music. Relaxing with music therapy will helps the user’s blood and ease fatigue.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, LED Remote & Remote pocket

The Osaki OS-4D Pro Paragon has detailed LED displaying remote controller with ease control buttons that the easily approach to the diverse functions of the massage chair. Where the rollers are, which part of body is heating, zero-gravity or diverse massage functions on/off are shown on the LED display screen. The buttons can be navigated easily through the menu to select either Neck/Shoulder, Lower Back, Auto, Manual, Advance, or Air Massage. The massage timer can be set from 5-minute adjustments starting from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes.


Recover, Relief, Stretch, Soft, Renew Calming and Special.

(Refresh, Energy, Revive, Active, Relax and Healing programs are categorized in the "Special" Program.)


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, ​App Application

Smartphone users can download the Paragon App for the convenience and ease to operate chair with all the features of the remote.


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, ​Colors


​Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Full Body Massage Chair, Dimensions


Model Pro 4D Paragon
Rated Voltage 120V
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Rated Power 280W
Language English/Chinese/Korean
Weight (Net/Gross, lb)
Main body
Armrest 38.6/46.3
Legrest and Footrest
Packing size (LxWxH, inches)
Main body 59.8" x 31.3" x 37.6"
Armrest 37.4" x 15.7" x 28.3"
Legrest and Footrest 23" x 22.4" x 24.2"

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